Saturday 11 April 2009

page 18


  1. I feel like the way you use splash pages is an unthinkable luxury. DC and Marvel have a Procrustean relationship with their 22-24 page beds. I've seen American superhero comics try telling stories in splash pages (brrrr, Death of Superman) but it usually falls flat. You've done it and it feels quite natural. I'm assuming this is going to be a huge book if you're using a string of splashes for atmosphere?

    Simple and elegant, it's graphically pleasing, surprisingly 3D, and lots of fun. Thanks for letting me see this preview!

    As an aside, I'd love to know why the big US two haven't hired you to do scripts.

  2. Well, the 'first issue' will run to 28 pages, though I plan on sticking to the more usual 24 pages after that. The idea is to try and do something a little different with the storytelling - more of a visual thing, with usually no more than 2 panels to a page (sometimes 3, but they look really crowded). The story could be told in a lot less pages - but I want to try and tell it in a more interesting/unusual way. Glad it seems to work for you Gene!

    I'd love to do some writing for DC/Marvel - I just don't know whose door to knock on!

  3. Hi Paul

    is this the Adam Eterno thing you mentioned before? Looks great. Glad you're using the blog to showcase your latest project, it's a good way of letting people see what you're up to. I shall bookmark this page.

    I did try IDW btw, no reply. I prefer 'piss off you're crap' to 'no reply'. Anyway I'll be doing some DWM stuff around the same time as you, can't remember if it's the story before or after. Nice Tennant you did for IDW!