Monday 23 March 2009

Page 13


  1. Loving the bombast. You're promising one huge can of whoop ass here, looking forward to the can opening.

    Also, some lovely drawing and 'effortless' storytelling.

  2. This is wonderful 'frameless' comic storytelling. Reminds me very much of Will Eisners compositions.

    The story itself is being told in a wonderful slow unfolding way, teasing the reader with ideas, and the use of mythological elements is masterful.

    Well done Paul and thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. FREE paul grist comics!!
    where's the fanfare? the brass band, big fuss noise?
    i only found this blog yesterday, why didn't i know beforehand?
    it's massively generous of you, paul, sharing the strip like this, and a corker of a strip it is.
    masterful balance and flow and rhythm, and, as ever; a bold and dramatic use of black.
    this more than makes up for the lack of a monthly JACK STAFF. bravo!

  4. Thanks for the comments - I tried banging the drum but the neighbours just complained. More Jack Staff on the way too!